Accessories are all DLP products, where we cannot organize them directly into a specific category of the different locking systems. Items such as ignition switches, fuel caps or grab handles complete our product range within locking systems. For each application within the external fitting range or locks we offer you suitable accessories or spare parts. Whether it is keys, deviations or rubber gaskets for external fittings or door strikers, U-bolts, plastic covers, striker guards or ergonomic interior releases for locks, all products are shown within the „accessories“ section. Also shown here are other items within our scope of supply.


The entire DLP package is completed by the fact that we can offer you, with all our accessories included, application of a "one key system" for all areas of your machine. For example we can provide fuel caps with thread or bayonet fixing to ensure a „one key system“ for the whole machine. The same also applies to ignition switches. 

The more complex the locking system, the greater the possibly required accessory list. Typically DLP: in the door striker or U-bolt section, a large range of applications over the past few years gives greater flexibility for different applications due to the number of variations. Practical: in principle, you can buy each part of a locking system as a DLP accessory. 

Decide which items are applicable to you. Among other thins we offer individual rubber gaskets for each special application, for example: gaskets with collars to protect your window during assembly and, later in combination with our spacer sleeve, against glass breakage and water ingress. By the way: regarding keys we can also react to your individual wishes in terms of colour, logo and design. 





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