With door, cabin, hood and flap locks as well as door hold backs, the decision of which to use depends on the individual requirements and applications. We differentiate the respective applications beforehand in order to decide on a suitable product according to your specification. You can be assured that our products meet the highest demands. Due to the high number of product variants, we believe that we have a solution for your individual application. Should this not be the case we can develop a solution that fits your needs.

Our locks are usually used with middle to heavy doors, flaps, windows or hoods. Naturally we can meet the highest quality demands also on smaller applications, if required by the customer. Our locks are tested under extreme loads and meet all the standards that are necessary for vehicle door applications. With most locks we meet the transverse and longitudinal load standards required in the automotive world. We are well above the level required in the off-highway industry, and with many variants of this type of lock we even fulfil the requirements within the range of a 30G load.

Our locks are very durable products. We test their longevity according to our standards developed specifically for this industry. Therefore we can assure you that most of our locks are capable for 100,000 cycles. If you wish, we can perform various tests on your individual application to ensure that we meet the needs of you and your customer. We offer our locks in many variations. Although we already have many variants in our standard programme, the number of variants permanently increases, because we can adapt a lock to meet the customer requirement and will not offer a standard product when it makes no sense. If you wish, we can provide you with a complete locking system in combination with the external fitting of your choice with remote control. We offer this option in either 12 or 24 volt. We also offer all of the necessary accessories for your application including internal releases, locking bolts, mounting screws, plastic covers and even a rectangular or round tube according to your measurement needs. These tubes include an integrated internal release which can be placed to meet the customer’s requirements. In addition, we offer variants with luxurious foaming and integrated armrests. 

If you use our locks in a flap, window, hood or door hold open/back application, you can receive these
products also without preposition rotors within the turning trap range.
For particularly high demanding
requirements we offer our double rotor locks also with antifricor coating added to the rotors and pawls. This coating has the advantage that it is grease free that means low maintenance and, in extreme door load situations, only requires small release strength. Furthermore, we offer a choice of different rotor variants which differ in the closing pin diameter and provide tolerance compensation in terms of +/-2 mm.


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